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Why choose ‘Green Mile’ cardboard bedding?

Is cardboard the first material you think of when discussing horse bedding? We didn’t think so! People have preconceived ideas about cardboard bedding, mainly due to the fact that it was once not what it is today. With that being said, we are incredibly proud of the bedding that we produce at Green Mile HQ. We have listened to customers feedback over the years, seen how the bedding has worked in real life and in turn, created the best possible version of cardboard bedding possible! Want to know why it should be your go to? Keep reading..

We recommend our bedding because..

  1. Absorbency: Green Mile cardboard bedding boasts a high absorbency rate. It can soak up moisture, including urine and water spills, effectively, helping to keep the stable dry and clean. This is essential for maintaining the horse’s health and preventing issues like thrush.
  2. Odour Control: The natural oils found in wood pulp and the absorbent nature of our cardboard bedding contributes to better odour and ammonia control in the horse’s stable. By trapping and neutralising odours, it creates a more pleasant environment for both horse and human.
  3. Dust-Free: Our cardboard bedding is dust-free. This is particularly beneficial for horses with respiratory issues or sensitivities, as it helps minimise airborne particles that could irritate their airways.
  4. Clean Source: All our raw material comes from a box manufacturer’s production line. We use brand new cardboard which is intended for packaging purposes. By using new cardboard we can guarantee it being free from contamination such as food or chemicals. Also there is no risk of wet and potentially mouldy cardboard entering our production line thus eliminating the risk of spores or other irritations to an animal’s airway.
  5. Easily Disposal: Green Mile Cardboard Bedding will rot down completely within 8 – 12 weeks. The soiled bedding can even be spread immediately onto the land. This benefits the land by introducing fibre back into the soil preventing “Runoff” and “Soil Loss”, both major contributing processes to soil degradation.
  6. Cost-Effective: Green Mile Bedding goes a long, long way! Lots of customers comment on how much is in one single bale. The bedding is also long lasting and due to its properties, you are able to remove condensed wet areas easily, ensuring you don’t remove any clean bedding. We also offer a variety of delivery options, ranging from the 9 pale trial pallet, up to the 48 bale jumbo pallet.
  7. Delivery: Order from our website and have your bedding delivered directly to your door. Stress free.. because that’s what we like at GM HQ!

Have we got you thinking?

Think Green Mile Bedding might be for you? Order a trial pallet today and test it our for yourself. We promise you will love it just as much as we do!

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