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Testimonials from Green Mile Customers

pool house logoPool House Equine Clinic in Staffordshire

(one of the most respected and largest equine medical centres in the UK) “We’ve been using Green Mile’s equine bedding for over 5 months and find it excellent. It’s environmentally friendly, light, easy to use, clean, odourless, absorbent, biodegradable and unpalatable to horses. We have had clients and staff who after seeing how excellent this cardboard bedding is have contacted Green Mile and purchased it for their own horses. This cardboard bedding is excellent for horses that suffer from COPD and dust allergies as the dust has been extracted from it. We will definitely be using this bedding product for the foreseeable future.”

January Scott, Barrister

Green Mile horse bedding “I’ve been using Green Mile bedding for many years and consider that of all the types of bedding I have used – and I have used the vast majority of them – it is by far the best. I was looking for a bedding which was as dust free as possible, absorbed and contained ammonia smells, knitted together to give a good springy bed, which did not blow around the yard or stick to clothes, footwear or horses and get tracked around. Breaking down quickly and being easily disposed of on gardening land was a bonus which is certainly true of Green Mile bedding. On occasions when I have inadvertently run out (my fault and not due to late deliveries) and have had to use a few bales of other paper, pellet, wood pulp or cereal based products for a couple of days until the next pallet arrives it always reminds me just how dust free, good at containing ammonia smells and easy to deal with Green Mile bedding is in comparison. I use Green Mile bedding in large stables with sealed rubber floors. Just one or two bales creates a deep springy bed over part of the floor sufficient for each horse to lay down.  I muck out fully once a day and skip out each evening.  Every few days I just replace the bedding that has been removed. The cardboard is very absorbent and large amounts of urine seem to be soaked up by relatively small amounts of cardboard which can then be easily isolated from the clean bedding and removed.  This way the stables stay as clean, dust free and hygienic as possible – which has been particularly important this year because of the illness of one of my horses.  I cannot imagine using anything else.”

K. Heron – Horsham

Green Mile cardboard bedding “I’m really impressed with the Green Mile bedding. Having experimented with many different types of bedding, I’m really pleased with the Green Mile chopped corrugated cardboard – which really isn’t as ‘hard’ as it sounds. I found it to lay a really good bed that packs down comfortably and settles well. As the company literature says, the urine travels through the top layer and spreads out at the lower layer eventually rising upwards. The absorbed bedding becomes ‘congealed’ on the floor, but at no time during my experimentation did the surface become wet. Having increased the area of the bed to a 3/4 bed, I have not removed any wet bedding for seven days. I’m checking the underlying wet every day. The top layer is still dry – there is still no leakage nor obvious ‘squelching’ underfoot. The remaining bed continues to ‘fluff up’ for that newly laid bed look. When I remove the absorbed bedding, I will only need to replace with one new bale of Green Mile! I see the absorbency of this bedding as a great advantage in the winter when the time Tweed spends in his stable is increased.”

Star Eventing

horse and foal “I’ve been using Green Mile bedding for 3 weeks now. Previously, I had Rocco on shavings with full rubber mats. He would have full banks (that he would often dig down) and a thin base of around 3 inches. He was disgusting! I had to dig out the entire base of the bed daily as it would be a big wet, poo scattered mess, and worst of all it smelt horrid and so did I after I had mucked out. I would have 1-2 wheelbarrows of waste daily and I used about 2 bags of shavings a week. Rocco is in a 16 x 16 foot stable that was completely empty of bedding when I first moved to Green Mile bedding. It only took 5 bags to make a full ‘traditional’ bed with a full base and banks. The bedding is totally dust free and is made up of thin, soft strips of cardboard. The bags are light to carry but expand massively when opened. After the first night I was very impressed to find that the bed wasn’t a big churned up mess like I was expecting. I could just pick the poo up from the top. The base knits together well after a quick pat down with the back of a shavings fork (like you would with straw), so it doesn’t move even if disturbed daily. The bed still stays tidy overnight and Rocco keeps the droppings on top and not mashed into the entire bed in a million pieces! I am now sticking with putting the bed up daily as it is a much better process for me and it is my preferred way to muck out. I take out about half a barrow daily and keep the bed topped up with one bag of bedding a week. Along with being easy, absorbent and economical, the best part for me is that there is no dust or ammonia smell. I can now go to the supermarket or lectures in my boots and breeches after mucking out without smelling the place out!”
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