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Q&A with Sponsored Rider, Anna Miller

We recently caught up with Anna Miller at her base in Surrey. Anna is an advanced dressage rider competing at small tour. She provides training and competition livery and has a small number of owners who’s horses she is competing. 

Find out more about Anna below..

What is your earliest riding memory?

I had a brilliant borrowed Shetland pony called Tibby. She was very good on the lead rein but used to deliberately nip the other side of trees so my mum had to let go! She would trot off to find the best patch of grass – I thought that was brilliant! I vividly remember loving the smell of her muzzle and her tack. 

What is your proudest moment in your career?

That’s a tough one. From a riding coach point of view, I’m probably most proud of getting Sophie Christiansen and her horse at the time, Louis selected for Tokyo.

What is your standout moment?

Getting Adonis B to PSG and Inter1 championship level despite his many setbacks. I never managed to ride him at Grand Prix in the ring, but I had a wonderful journey training with him at home and he taught me so much. Mostly patience!

What advice would you give someone starting out in your discipline and wanting to become a professional rider?

Remember why you started! Enjoy the small everyday wins along the way and stay true to your core values. 

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Positive, dedicated, adaptable. And tired!

Which horse are you most excited about for the future?

I have a super 3yro Saphir. She is by Torvettlens Sylvester. She is going grey and is very unique looking as well as being a special mover. I am just backing her now. She is looking stunning!  I love the young horse process, everything is new to them and so every little achievement feels like a win. Whether it’s learning to be washed with the hose or doing something under saddle for the very first time. 

I am also very excited about Fantabulous (Fanta) he is a 5 yro belonging to Jemima Green. I am training him for Jemima to be a grade 2 para horse and having a lot fun competing him myself along the way. We are really hoping that he will be good enough to do some major Para competitions in the next few years. 

Tell us about your current top horse(s)

I have a few really nice young horses this year. Unfortunately I had to retire my top horse last year, so I am starting again. I have a very quality 7 year old mare by First Choice, who only started her dressage career last year. She looks like she has all the attributes to be a top horse, so I have high hopes for her. 

Who is your idol?

Ingrid Klimke. Not only has she been a brilliant horsewoman across multiple disciplines, but she rides with evident empathy and compassion. 

If you didn’t ride for a career, what would you like to/think you would have done?

I would have been an Artist. I did a fine art degree, I’m married to a ceramic artist and I still make things in my limited spare time! 

What are your goals for the next few years?

From a coaching perspective, I would love to get Jemima to a Para Olympics. 

For myself, I would love to ride at Windsor. I miss riding at beautiful, historic venues now I no longer event!

What is your favourite thing about Green Mile Bedding?

From a user perspective, it is so absorbent and dust free, but I love the fact it is so easily degradable. 

What is most important to you when choosing a bedding for your horses?

Our sport is one that can easily have a high carbon footprint. I am always trying to make cleaner and greener choices at home, as well as on the yard. The fact that Green Mile is made from cardboard off cuts, means it is using a waste product that would otherwise be obsolete, but is still safe, clean and hygienic. So that was a double win for me.

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