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What are the benefits of cardboard bedding?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the benefits of cardboard bedding and although the welfare of your animal is always a top priority, cost and economy can also be the deciding factor in any choice of product. How the bedding behaves during its use determines how long it lasts and how much is required. Fortunately Green Mile Cardboard Horse Bedding is very efficient and due to its unique design you won’t be disappointed!

Any moisture or liquid easily finds its way to the bottom layers of the bedding where it’s absorbed at a remarkable rate. This leaves the top layers nice and dry and stops the saturated areas from spreading throughout the rest of the bed.

All moisture is contained in a very small amount of bedding, which then requires removing and replacing with the same small amount of fresh material.

benefits of cardboard bedding

High Absorbency

Of all the benefits of cardboard bedding, the volume of liquid that cardboard can hold in relation to its own weight is the most impressive.

More absorbent bedding will reduce the levels of moisture (which promotes mold growth) and ammonia in the stable, this will improve the respiratory health of the horses.

Absorbent beddings also tend to be less dusty and easier to muck out. Soiled bedding clumps together, aiding removal and perhaps allowing less bedding to be used overall.

Researcher Susan Raymond (Equine Research Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada) compared straw, shavings, peat moss, hemp fibres and shredded paper in her absorbency test. When water was added to 10 grams of each bedding material, shredded paper came out the clear winner! Absorbing 100 milliliters, as compared to hemp (45 ml), shavings (30 ml), and peat moss (30 ml). The most traditional bedding, straw, was the least absorbent of the samples, soaking up only 25 ml of water. Read the article here.

Warm and Insulating

Resting in a lovely warm comfortable bed, the nurturing benefits of cardboard bedding your animal will truly appreciate.

The heat created by your horses or quickly dissipates when they are sleeping, especially during the winter months even when they are kept indoors.

Cardboard uses its insulating properties by trapping the warm air created from your horse or animal between its corrugations of paper. This keeps the bed nice and cozy, perfect for those that bring their animals in at night.

Clean and Free of Potential Health Risks

The source of cardboard we use is very important. All our raw material comes from a box manufacturer’s production line. New cardboard purchased only a few weeks before it was used for converting into boxes or packaging.

By using new cardboard we can guarantee it being free from contamination such as food or chemicals. Also there is no risk of wet and potentially mouldy cardboard entering our production line thus eliminating the risk of spores or other irritations to an animal’s airway.

Benefits of Cardboard Bedding
cardboard bedding

Eliminates Odour

The natural oils found in wood pulp will dramatically reduce the amount of ammonia which builds up in stables. This is not only good for the horses and animals but also for human health too.

100% Biodegradable

Muck Heap management is a concern for any owner. A new issue facing many is disposal, the days when the farmer would happily take away the heap for free have finished. Some farmers charge for removal but many have now decided to refuse muck heaps that consist of wood shavings.

The reason for this is the impact rotting shavings make on the land, with the complete breakdown taking so long it affects the PH balance in the soil.

We hear how the shavings affect the land preventing the pasture from growing back properly, this is due to the lack of nitrates in the soil. Green Mile Cardboard Bedding will rot down completely within 8 – 12 weeks, the soiled bedding can even be spread immediately onto the land. This benefits the land by introducing fiber back into the soil preventing “Runoff” and “Soil Loss”, both major contributing processes to soil degradation.

Key benefits of Green Mile Cardboard Horse Bedding

Made from the cleanest material possible

Producing a product of superior quality compared to existing competitors requires a better source of raw materials.

With over 15 years experience manufacturing Green Mile Bedding we have cemented relationships with the biggest packaging manufacturers in the UK.

This sets Green Mile cardboard horse bedding apart from other cardboard bedding companies.

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